Saturday, February 25, 2006

What Is The Truth About Live Exports?

This blogger has been Requested to be posted by (AFIC) Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, (HKM) Halal Kind Meats and (PALE) People Against Live Exports in conjunction with RSPCA QLD as a helpful guide for everybody interested in a Report which was presented tonight 26th February 2006.
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We are here to answer questions to everybody including Live Exporters, Live Importers, we especially welcome farmers looking for a fair steady price and concerned members of the public regarding Animal Welfare.

The fact is there is a practical solution to this problem. Our job is to advice and listen to everybody and answer all questions fairly and honestly. If you are a Farmer, Agent, Live Exporter, Live Importer, please see www.halakindmeats.com
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If you are a concerned member of the public wanting to know more details or possibly how you can help then see www.livexports.com and post any questions you may have.

You may further like to click on to the link we provided for the Farmers and Live Exporters to gain a greater understanding.

Whatever your questions please be assured Animals can be slaughtered in Australia creating thousands of jobs.

The Following Post Is From AFIC Leaders

MEDIA RELEASE From Australian Federation of Islamic Councils re Live Exports


The President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Dr. Ameer Ali today called on the Australian media not to act irresponsibly in misinforming the Australian public about the real reasons for live exports.

Dr. Ameer Ali said that Muslims are primarily concerned to ensure that the animal is slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic Shariah, and that can be done in Australia under the Australian Government supervised Muslim Slaughter Program (AGSMS) and we want the Australian public to know that we do not agree to animal cruelty.

He further said that Muslims in the Middle Eastern countries readily accept frozen and chilled lamb and mutton from Australia, once it is Halal certified under the program.Last year Australian lamb meat exports to the Middle East was up 36% to a record 14,052 Tonnes, and Australian mutton meat export to the Middle East was up 24% in the same period to 36,051 Tonnes (ref. Farmonline News 1 Feb 2006). This represents the equivalent of more than 2 million sheep which were slaughtered in Australia for Middle Eastern Muslim customers.

Dr. Ali said that the Australian Muslims does not support the cruel treatment of animals prior to slaughter, that has been documented in Egypt as the Qur`an dictates that animals should be treated with kindness.

Dr. Ameer Ali, President
Dr. Munir Hussain, Chairman Halal Committee

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